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  • Blood Drive


    Blood Drive

  • Cooper Falls with Karen Kozel


    Cooper Falls with Karen Kozel

    Had a great interview with Karen Kozel today.  Check it out!

  • Holly Audette on Gun Control


    Holly Audette on Gun Control

    Why do people struggle for answers to gun abuse? The issue isn’t gun control. The instrument does not kill. Historically, our culture’s foundation was guns are a worthy instrument to feed, for sport and for defense. Our governing foundation is the government will never be the only one with guns, for very good reason. History…

  • Dr. Greg Murphy for Congress


    Dr. Greg Murphy for Congress

    Home Dr. Murphy is and always has been a strong supporter of Law Enforcement and 1st Responders. He is Pro 2nd Amendment and believes in the right to own and bear arms.  He supports our veterans and our active duty military and regularly visits the military bases in our district and meets with veterans and…

  • Tony Moore for NC House


    Tony Moore for NC House

    These are the statements are submitted by the candidates and are NEITHER the views of the RWPC NOR an endorsement. https://electtonymoore.com/ I am running for House District 9 a new district located from Hwy 13 to 14th Street over to Eastern Pines and South to the Lenoir County line in Grifton. My life began in public…

  • Fundraiser for Sandy Moyer


    Fundraiser for Sandy Moyer

  • Chairman’s Corner


    Chairman’s Corner

    Chairman Whatley’s Update Last week featured a lot of North Carolina pride for NCGOP Chairman Michael Whatley. After visiting as many District Conventions as possible, Chairman Whatley took a moment on April 12 to celebrate North Carolina’s dignified anniversary as the first colony to formally declare independence from Britain. As Republicans, the NCGOP is focused on…