Chairman’s Corner

Chairman Whatley’s Update

Last week featured a lot of North Carolina pride for NCGOP Chairman Michael Whatley. After visiting as many District Conventions as possible, Chairman Whatley took a moment on April 12 to celebrate North Carolina’s dignified anniversary as the first colony to formally declare independence from Britain. As Republicans, the NCGOP is focused on being about those foundational principles, rather than merely seeming so. Chairman Whatley also boasted of NCGOP’s success as the first state GOP to adopt and utilize the power of the digital WinRed platform. NC is leading right, doing all we can to make the 2022 RedWave a reality.

Chairman Whatley then got a big dose of pure Republican energy in Fayetteville, where he joined the Cumberland County GOP in welcoming General Michael Flynn and NC legend Clarence Henderson for their annual fundraiser. Finally, before taking time to celebrate the Easter holiday with family, Chairman Whatley also led North Carolina Republicans in delivering a message to President Biden, who was stumping in the Old North State last week, that his inflationary policies aren’t welcome here! Our voters will send that message loud and clear in November, too!