Dr. Greg Murphy for Congress


Dr. Murphy is and always has been a strong supporter of Law Enforcement and 1st Responders. He is Pro 2nd Amendment and believes in the right to own and bear arms.  He supports our veterans and our active duty military and regularly visits the military bases in our district and meets with veterans and veterans’ groups in order to understand their issues and be able to advocate on their behalf. Along the coast, he understands that tourism is a big economic factor while balancing the needs of the commercial fishermen.  He understands dredging issues that are a constant factor in our coastal counties.

His recent appointment to the Ways & Means Committee is a HUGE win for the people of eastern NC in the 3rd district.  Being part of this committee means Dr. Murphy will be part of the discussions and the decision making that will impact small businesses which are vital.  He will be involved with the tax code, health care reform and changes that will impact all of us.  We all know that we, east of I-95, often feel less powerful than the counties on the west side and this committee assignment really gives eastern NC a powerful voice in DC.