Meet Brad Murphy

Our guest on April 21st.

Brad Murphy is a candidate for Congress running here in NC District 1. Brad grew up in Raleigh and today lives with his wife Julie on Lake Gaston, in Warren County.

Brad’s background is unique among those running in the upcoming District 1 GOP primary. Over the last 40 years, Brad has started three, globally successful tech companies and is responsible for creating over 5,000 lucrative, new-economy jobs, both here in North Carolina and across the United States. He’s also a published author and recognized thought leader on how to transform large dysfunctional companies and institutions into vibrant, new-economy innovators. Brad’s global reach and influence includes leaders at some of the world’s largest companies. It is Brad’s plan to mobilize these private industry partners into a bold vision for restoring prosperity and job creation across all of District 1, while also working to radically shrink the reach and size of our Federal government.