Eric Earhart for Congress

These are the statements are submitted by the candidates and are NEITHER the views of the RWPC NOR an endorsement. 

Eric Earhart is the right choice for representing the 3rd Congressional District in Washington DC. He has a variety of life experiences, he has a genuine, conservative life philosophy, and he has a world-view and moral compass founded on deep faith in Christ. 

Eric’s life experience includes coming from a humble, working-class background.  As a fourth-generation commercial fisherman, he learned the value of hard work and perseverance in adverse circumstances. As a veteran of the United States Army, he understands service to others and dedication to our country. As a founder of multiple small businesses, he understands the value of vision, planning and execution to achieve success.  As a pastor, he has walked with people through multiple human tragedies and challenges. From overcoming the challenges of drug addiction and run-ins with the law to becoming a recognized community leader for over two decades, Eric can relate to and represent all people.

Eric’s life philosophy is conservative.  To him, this means dedicating his life first and foremost to his wife and then to the raising of his children. He believes in the second amendment and has exercised that right by training his wife and children to safely handle firearms. As the father of six children, he is truly pro-life. He believes the founders’ philosophy of limited government must be defended by every generation. 

Eric’s worldview is first and foremost centered on his faith in Christ. After experiencing a dramatic conversion from atheist to Christian in 1997, he has lived a life of chastity, frugality, and industry by living as though the Bible were actually the Word of God. 

In a nutshell, Eric is the best candidate for the 3rd Congressional District because his life exemplifies the North Carolina state motto:  Esse Quam Videri.