Brad Murphy for Congress

These are the statements are submitted by the candidates and are NEITHER the views of the RWPC NOR an endorsement.

Why are you running? What sets you apart from the other candidates in the primary?

What sets me apart are two key themes:  My background as a proven, new economy entrepreneur and my economic vision and plan for eastern North Carolina.

My Background and Success

  • Here are the skills and experience I bring that equip me for this challenge, and set me apart from all others in either the Republican or Democratic primary:
  • I am the only 3x globally successful business / tech entrepreneur in the race who has created over 5,000 lucrative jobs and has a plan for doing the same in Eastern North Carolina.
  • I am the only Republican candidate who has deep expertise and industry relationships that can be used to shape a private / public partnership that can achieve the following:

o   Accelerate deployment of broadband across District 1 in 2-3 years, not a decade

o   Accelerate digital up-skilling in the Eastern North Carolina region that will enhance opportunity to participate in the coming boom in clean-energy manufacturing

o   Transform primary and secondary education to match the growing skills gap of our private, tech-driven industries.

o   And lastly, keep us safe from national security issues related to China and the looming military crisis with Taiwan that intersect directly with the semiconductor industry.

  • I’m the only Republican candidate with a vision and plan for reforming the IRS and Tax Code to radically enhance annual GDP output of both small and large business

My Economic Vision and Plan for Eastern North Carolina

Pathway #1:  Digital, New Economy Jobs NOW

Unlike my Republican (and Democratic opponents) running for Congress in District 1, I’m NOT waiting for Washington to solve this problem.

We need private industry leadership, with only a “light touch” of support from D.C. policy makers to help radically reshape and transform the future economy of District 1.  I am already working to bring such a private industry coalition together which both guarantees lucrative new-economy jobs; as well as the digital re-skilling required to fill these jobs.

Pathway #2: Clean-Energy Manufacturing Leadership

As a result of Covid, and global recognition of the need to reduce the worlds global carbon footprint, there is an extraordinary clean-energy manufacturing boom just getting started here in the U.S. that will last for several decades.  These new, highly automated, and digitally managed plants will offer lucrative, high paying jobs that do NOT require a four-year degree.  Moreover, these plants will be strategically placed in lower-cost counties with convenient access to urban, high-tech design centers like Raleigh.

To realize and capture these new clean-energy manufacturing opportunities in eastern North Carolina, we need business-vision and leadership coupled with a private / public policy partnership that jump-starts our ability to transform and make our workforce digitally ready and able.  I am already working to shape the framework of such a coalition and position eastern North Carolina for a vibrant, prosperous future.