The Mark Robinson for Governor campaign is excited to introduce Women for Mark Robinson, a women’s focused outreach program centered around organizing women to help ensure Mark is elected as the next Governor of North Carolina!


While there’s no shortage of work that needs to be done, here’s a few items you can expect to work on when you join our team:

– Mark’s wife, Yolanda, will travel the state to gather with you in intimate settings such as coffee shops, women owned businesses, and the homes of conservative women to discuss the issues that plague our communities. Discussions focused on fixing the education system, creating a culture of life, and tackling the crime pandemic are just a few examples. We’ll need help finding homes/businesses to host these coffees and conversations and we’ll also need assistance inviting women to attend!

– Walk/drive in parades across the state with your Women for Mark Robinson gear on to help spread the word about our campaign.

– Visit local police/fire departments in your Women for Mark Robinson gear to drop off coffee on behalf of our campaign as a small thank you for the work they do day in and day out.

– Set up roundtables with Mark/Yolanda to discuss issues women face on a daily basis with legislators, nurses, crisis pregnancy center staff, educators and so much more.

– Represent our campaign at fairs, festivals, and events across the state via tabling.


We need conservative women like yourself to volunteer your time and if you’re willing, your home! The women’s outreach program has many volunteer positions to fill, from County Representative to Yard Sign Liaison and everything in between. This is your opportunity to make a huge difference in not only your community, but in this state. Let’s work together to ensure Mark Robinson is our next Governor! 

Using the link below, sign up to volunteer TODAY! Make sure to click the “Join Women for Mark Robinson Team” box and someone on our team will reach out as soon as possible.


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